WEICAI oil filter 1000422382

WEICAI oil filter 1000422382 by SHIYAN SOGIN company is supported by us.

What is an Oil Filter?

The kidneys in our bodies filter out the waste and remove excess fluid.the oil Filter is like its kindney.

the oil Filter is the most component of the lubrication system of the engine, which drains the oil from waste agents and impuritie.

These filters clean the oil to the vehicle engine.

When the engine of a vehicle is running, the oil pump, pumps the oil from the oil sump to the filter.

The oil enters the pressure into the filtration environment .

then passes through the central tube through the filter and passes to the engine.

Most filters use this oil filter flow direction.

If a clogged filter or Oil expire which causes high pressure in the filter.

In this case, the bypass valve located under the filter element opens and the engine is supplied with oil.

This ensures that the engine does not run oil-free at any time.

In most cases, the by-pass valve is only temporarily opened and normal filtration continues when conditions allow it.

WEICAI oil filter created of cylindrical steel body shape and Protection includes filter element and various parts.

structure oil filter

structure oil filter

We SHIYAN SOGIN company, mainly deal and support CUMMINS ENGINE , DONGFENG ,Foton & WEICAI truck spare parts for ORIGINAL, OEM and AFTER MARKET quality.

Trust our professional that’s, because we spent at last 15 years just focus on providing different kinds spare parts according to our customers requirement and demand.


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WEICAI oil filter 1000422382
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