WEICAI piston 612600030053A

WEICAI piston 612600030053A by SHIYAN SOGIN company is supported by us.

About Piston:

A piston is a moving disk enclosed in a cylinder which is made gas-tight by piston rings.

a liquid or gas inside the cylinder expands and contracts and as a result the disk moves inside the cylinder .

Actually the piston aids in the transformation of heat energy into mechanical work and vice versa.

a piston transfer the force output to a crankshaft as a result provides rotational momentum to a flywheel.

pistons are a key component of heat engines.

So it is important that:

1-The piston should be made of the best materials(Made of cast iron, cast steel or aluminum alloy).

2-be heat resistant.

3-Be well made and polished.

Our company produces and provides you with the best quality pistons from the best materials.

We SHIYAN SOGIN company, mainly deal and support CUMMINS ENGINE , DONGFENG ,Foton & WEICAI truck spare parts for ORIGINAL, OEM and AFTER MARKET quality.

Trust our professional that’s, because we spent at last 15 years just focus on providing different kinds spare parts according to our customers requirement and demand.


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WEICAI piston 612600030053A
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