WEICAI thermostat 612600061730 by SHIYAN SOGIN company is supported by us.

About thermostat

In a car engine there are many components that are interconnected with a high level of complexity. As the engine works at high speed, it causes the temperature within to increase. Therefore, it requires one system to keep the engine temperature cool and stable.

One of the components in this system is known as thermostat.

How does a WEICAI thermostat 612600061730 Work ?

the thermostat has a wax-filled cylinder on its side. As the engine temperature rises, the wax expands and steadily pushes on a rod that opens the thermostat, allowing coolant to flow.

When the engine temperature drops, the wax begins to harden, and the thermostat starts to close. This process is continuous, with the thermostat adjusting how far it’s open or closed while the engine is running.

We in Sogin Part use best material for create a belt for use cars.WEICAI thermostat 612600061730 is a special product for your cars.

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WEICAI thermostat 612600061730
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