WEICAI cylinder gasket 612600040355A

WEICAI cylinder gasket 612600040355A by SHIYAN SOGIN company is supported by us.

a head gasket provides the seal between the engine block and cylinder head ,cylinder gasket is named.

Its purpose is to seal the combustion gases within the cylinders and to avoid coolant or engine oil leaking into the cylinders.

Leaks in the head gasket can cause poor engine running and/or overheating.

also can result in a leak of coolant, the combustion gasses, or both.

Blue smoke from the exhaust suggests that excess oil is entering the combustion chambers.

White smoke from the exhaust suggests that coolant is entering the combustion chamber.

To prevent engine damage and ensure the longest possible service life, it is important to guard against cylinder head gasket failure.

The appropriate action should be taken immediately if any abnormal engine operation is noticed.

For example:

-Poor cold starting
-Loss of power
-Coolant temperature in red zone
-Oil in coolant
-Water and oil need topping up at short intervals

In such problems occur, the engine should be switched off immediately and an expert consulted to establish the cause.

If caught at an early stage, it is often possible to avoid major engine damage and high repair costs.

Regular servicing and inspection of the vehicle and engine at a workshop can also help to retain a car’s value over the long term.

We SHIYAN SOGIN company, mainly deal and support CUMMINS ENGINE , DONGFENG ,Foton & WEICAI truck spare parts for ORIGINAL, OEM and AFTER MARKET quality.

Trust our professional that’s, because we spent at last 15 years just focus on providing different kinds spare parts according to our customers requirement and demand.


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WEICAI cylinder gasket 612600040355A
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